Five Favorite Things To Do In Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville is one of my favorite places to visit. Only about three and a half hours from home in Atlanta, Nashville is great for weekend trips. Here is a list of things i like to do every time I visit Nashville.

  1. Attend a concert – Nashville is called music city for a reason. Hundreds of concerts take place in Nashville every year (not including the live music in bars every night) and artists ranging from Bob Dylan to Hayley Williams call the city home. It would almost be a crime to got to Nashville and not catch a show in some form whether it is just a honky-tonk bar gig, God Is An Astronaut playing at Exit/In or Coldplay at the Bridgestone Arena.
  2. Record/Coffee Shop Hop – Nashville has become quite the hip town and where abandoned railroads used to be there are now coffee shop and record stores galore. I love coffee, so naturally I go to as many coffee shops as I can while in Nashville. Some of my favorites are Crema, Steadfast, and Dose but there are loads more that serve great coffee. Being the music hub it is, Nashville host many record shops and you’re bound to find something great while digging through record crates. I once found an original pressing of CODA by Led Zeppelin in a Goodwill for 99 cents so don’t neglect the Goodwills either!
  3. See The Sights – There are plenty of awesome things to see in Nashville. The Parthenon is a must see for anyone new to the town and if you need to burn an hour just walk around the Gaylord Opryland Resort. There is also the country music hall of fame, the Johnny Cash museum, the Hermitage (Andrew Jackson’s home), the Grand Ole Opry, as well as the Frist Center for the Visual Arts (Built in the old city post office). Kind of like the way Bourbon Street is to New Orleans a trip to Nashville also isn’t complete without walking down music row to hear the hundreds of Freebird covers and see more boot shops in one place than you could ever imagine. Nashville is full of impressive attractions so go be a tourist and check them out!
  4. Eat Food – I love eating food and Nashville has some great eateries! For famous Nashville hot chicken check out Hattie B’s or Prince’s or if you want some great (and cheap) tacos go to San Antonio Taco Co. or if you’re in the mood for hot dogs served from a VW bus go to I Dream of Weenie. With all the great local food in Nashville don’t just settle for Chipotle or P.F. Chang’s, go out and get something you can’t have at home!
  5. Wander around – Almost anywhere I go I like to park my car somewhere and just walk. You get to experience your location in a way that is impossible from a vehicle. Nashville is no exception and even though you may be followed around by a homeless man telling you about how someone stole his phone it is all made worth it when you come across something that you will remember for the rest of your life.



Bonus thing: I also find myself in guitar stores gawking at Martin acoustics and Fender telecasters while resisting every temptation to just buy every guitar that catches my fancy.

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