El Charro in Tucson AZ

One of the best parts of traveling to new places is eating the local cuisine.   I was excited to try El Charro in Tucson AZ.   El Charro is not only the oldest continuously operating family owned Mexican restaurant in the United States, but it is an absolute must to visit if you are in Tucson.  While they are known for inventing the chimichanga, the reason I was there was to try their famous Carne Seca Platter.   Carne Seca is prepared by marinating shredded lean angus beef and drying it in the Sonoran desert sun.   It is then grilled with green chiles, tomatoes & onions.

Sun dried beef……count me in!

It was served with fresh guacamole and tortillas.   They claim Gourmet Magazine called it a “taste explosion”.   That was pretty accurate.   I made a taco with the corn tortilla, carne seca and and guacamole.   It was so flavorful and delicious.   It was the most unique Mexican food I ever had.   I definitely recommend El Charro.   Five stars for both ambiance and taste!


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