Havana 1957 in Miami FL

2015 iphone pictures 283.JPG

My favorite place to eat on South Beach is Havana 1957.  The location is gorgeous and the atmosphere is very inviting.   Imagine an open café with all the South Beach ambiance around you.    The food is authentic Cuban and delicious.   Last time I was there I was trying to eat healthy and ordered Pechuga de Pollo a la Plancha.   That is grilled chicken breast served with white rice and black beans.   It sounds simple, but the chicken is marinated in something sweet and tangy and paired very well with the rice and beans.   Havana 1957 has a full bar but since it was lunch and I was “working” I chased my delicious meal with a Cuban coffee.  It started strong and finished sweet.   This is great place, definitely visit the next time you are in Miami.


2015 iphone pictures 279.JPG

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