Sunday Hikes: Kennesaw Mountain


Kennesaw Mountain is my hometown hike.   It is the centerpiece of the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield in Kennesaw GA.   I like to combine several trails here to make a 7 mile loop.   I start with the 24 Guns trail and pick up the Environmental Trail which leads me to the Visitors Center.   Then I ascend Kennesaw Mountain and come back down with an additional loop around to the back of the Visitors Center and then return down the remaining portion of the Environmental Trail and down 24 Guns Trail.   The parking by the Visitors Center is crazy busy so parking at the 24 Guns trailhead off of Gilbert Road is much easier.

Kennesaw Mountain is 1808 feet above sea level.   The trail itself is a pretty steep 1 mile hike one way.   There is a ton of deer to see along the way, it is rare not to see some in the morning or evening.  There are also civil war fortifications and cannons along the route.  The view at the top is really cool.   The Kennesaw Mountain summit is actually the highest point in metro Atlanta.   From one side you can see the Atlanta skyline and on a clear day, Stone Mountain on the far side of Atlanta.   From the other side you can see the north Georgia mountains which are the foothills of the Appalachian mountain chain.

This is a really enjoyable hike that gets your heartbeat running on the ascent.   I recommend it to anyone in the area who wants to combine historical significance with beautiful views and exercise.   For a great experience, hike first thing in the morning to see the sunrise behind Atlanta.


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