Sunday Hikes: Darwin Falls

Darwin Falls was our last hike of the day at Death Valley National Park.   After spending the day enjoying salt flats, sand dunes, and majestic overlooks, we finished our day with this unique hike.   The hiking team was myself, Anya, and Josh.  Darwin Falls in on the far west side of Death Valley NP near Panamint Springs.


To get there, drive west through Panamint Springs and take the first left down a 2.5 mile long bumpy dirt road.    This road gave our rental car a beating before we arrived at the Darwin Falls trailhead.   The trail starts down a wide gravel lined path that soon narrows.   After the first half a mile you start seeing signs of water.   Eventually the trail becomes one with the small stream of water.    After passing some hippies, we climbed over a few rocks and came up to the waterfall and pool.   The water appeared to be about 5 to 6 feet deep and was very cold.  The flow of water was a thin stream that forked before dropping into the pool.



On the way back, we discussed how much cooler this trail was compared to several of the other trails we had done earlier in the day.   We also were able to spot five frogs hanging out together in the water.


At only two miles round trip, the Darwin Falls trail is quick, fun and refreshing.   I recommend it for anyone visiting Death Valley National Park.    rk

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