Sunday Hikes: Mosaic Canyon Trail

Right down the road from the Stovepipe Wells Village is a 2.3 mile dirt road leading to the Mosaic Canyon Trail. The trail is a 4 mile round trip and is considered a moderately difficult hike on Death Valley’s website. We dedcided to hike it just after our lunch in the hottest part of the day for some reason. The beginning of the trail took us through a narrow canyon with slick walls and I think this was my favorite part of the trail. 

The trail then opened up to a large open area of the canyon where you can almost picture the water that once rushed through and formed the canyon. When the canyon was smaller it’s walls kept us from the sun but here the sun beat down on us and we felt the 100 degree temperature in full effect. We kept hiking on and enjoyed looking up at the cactus and flowers growing from the canyon wall and discussing how likely it is that Bighorn Sheep hung out there occasionally.

 We reached the end of the trail which dead ends at a bunch of boulders that have blocked up the canyon. We climbed on the boulders a bit and then turned back for the car and our next hike. On the way back I looked in a small side canyon and climbed up some rocks before turning back. In the largest part of the canyon there was a rock sticking up like a spine and we climbed up to the top following another small trail but then had a hard time finding a way down. We finished the trail through the slick rock canyon and hopped in the car to go to our next hike. This trail was a lot of fun with some very unique features and is something I would definitely do again (except maybe in a cooler part of the day). 

thanks for reading! – Josh

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