The Flora of Joshua Tree National Park

During our recent trip to Southern California, we were able to spend a good bit of time at Joshua Tree National Park.  If you read our “Sunday Hikes” feature then you know we saw a good bit of the fauna at Joshua Tree.

While somewhat less terrifying, we did find some very interesting flora at Joshua Tree.   I thought I would share some of the flora below:


The Cholla Cactus Garden area in the center of the park was really interesting.   There is a 1/4″ mile trail that weaves through a massive infestation of these cacti.   Stay on the trail or you will be like the lady we saw who managed to step on a Cholla in her sandals.   It wasn’t pretty.


The Ocotillo were large and very pretty.  I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but they appeared to be about to blossom with a red flower at the tips of the canes.


The Park namesake Joshua Tree interestingly enough are only prevalent in about half of the Park.   But they were very numerous in the area that they thrived.   We also saw Joshua Trees growing near Death Valley so they are not only growing in this area.


This Joshua Tree has Josh standing nearby for scale.

We missed the 2017 Superbloom in Southern California by only a week or so.   Bad timing on our part.   As you can see from the pictures though, the weather was gorgeous.  Thanks for reading.   rk



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