Sunday Hikes: The Basin-Cascade Trail

I arrived early at Franconia Notch State Park in upstate New Hampshire. I had hoped to see the Flume Gorge but it had just closed for the season. It was a partly cloudy early November day with temps in the upper thirties. I decided to check out the nearby feature called The Basin.

From the parking spot just up the road from Flume Gorge, it was just a tenth of a mile from the trailhead to The Basin. The Basin is basically a pot hole in the granite caused by the water shooting through a small chute and falling into the pool.

The Basin

From there I saw a sign for the Basin-Cascade trail noting several waterfalls and connecting all the way to the Appalachian Trail. That sounded perfect so I headed on my way. I quickly came to the banks of Cascade Brook. I quickly saw where the stream got its name as it flowed over the granite in a non stop series of cascades as it headed directly into the bright sunrise.

Cascade Brook

After thoroughly checking out the cascades, I tried to FaceTime Josh to rub in that I was in this beautiful spot and he wasn’t, unfortunately AT&T let me down and there just wasn’t enough signal to call out.

I followed the trail towards Kinsman Falls and Rocky Glenn Falls along the right banks of Cascade Brook. The recent storms and flooding turned this into an obstacle course filled with mud pits and fallen trees and debris. This slowed my pace but I did finally get to Kinsman Falls and Rocky Glenn Falls. From there the trail just disappeared, but I found out later that the bridge had been washed away.

Kinsman and Rocky Glenn Falls

I continued the obstacle course back to The Basin and then took a short side trail to Baby Flume Gorge. It was pretty cool and was a short .4 miles to the gorge. I then returned to the parking area and marveled that I didn’t see another soul during the entire 2.8 miles that I hiked.

Baby Flume Gorge

This is a beautiful area. Really all of Franconia Notch State Park is gorgeous. I highly recommend it and hope to return again soon. Thanks for reading. rk

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