Sunday Hikes: Burro Spring Trail

The Burro Spring Trail is a 2 mile out and back trail in Big Bend National Park. It is mostly flat and the trailhead is in the same parking lot as the Lower Burro Mesa Pouroff trail. Despite it’s short length this hike is often looked over and forgotten about.

It takes you into the Chihuahuan desert of Big Bend where in the springtime all of the cactus flowers bloom beautifully. The trail wanders past a small half bowl shaped valley created by the mesa dropping off into the lower desert. There are so many different plants and animals (mainly birds) in this small area that makes you forget you’re in the desert (but then the hot sun reminds you again).

My first time hiking this trail surprised me with the desert beauty it had to show off and I found myself smiling as a looked into the valley with pretty much no one else around. The trail then descends slightly until coming to a dead end above the Burro Spring which is in somewhat of a hole that fills during the rainy season and overflows to the small creek bed below with a couple trees growing among the desert plants. This is a great spot to eat a snack or make some coffee while gazing off at the Santa Elena Canyon in the distance.

Once you’ve had your fill of spring chills, the hike back to the trailhead is a short mile and it it very likely you’ll have that mile all to yourself to really take in the desert and enjoy it. Once back at the trailhead I really recommend hiking the nearby Upper and Lower Burro Mesa Pouroff trails, they are some of my favorite hikes to do in the park. Upper Burro Mesa Trail

Thanks! – Josh

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