Sunday Hikes: Providence Canyon

Josh and I have been wanting to hike in Providence Canyon State Park for a long time. Before he left for the west coast we were able to get down and do some hiking here.

Providence Canyon is located in southwest Georgia and is known as the “Grand Canyon of Georgia”. It is thought to be formed by poor agricultural practices in the 1800’s causing the canyons to form.

There are two trails here. The 7 mile red blazed Backcountry Trail and the 2.45 mile white blazed Rim Trail. We of course did both. We left the Visitors Center and headed down the trailhead. The trail quickly came to a junction in the middle of running water through a wash. The Backcountry Trail followed the wash, so lamenting the mud on our new hiking boots, we headed down the trail.

Eventually we left the mud behind and hiked through the forest having a blast. The purple wisteria was blooming in the forest and smelled wonderful.

As we continued through the forest, we passed several of the backcountry camping sites. They were each pretty remote and looked like a great place to camp. One even had a full blown shelter.

The trail became more rugged as we gained about 150 feet to the top of the canyon. The views got cooler and cooler and we stopped to take a lot of pictures slowing our time. We were surprised to see quite a few rusted out cars as we came back to where the Backcountry Trail meets the Rim Trail.

The Rim Trail not only goes around the top of the canyon but also goes down into the canyon with 9 different canyon ways you can explore. This means a lot more traipsing through the mud. We had so much fun here and I took a video so you can understand what it was like.

Looking up at the canyon walls was really fun and as this part of the park was more crowded we started chatting with others who were also exploring.

We finally arrived back at the Visitor Center and walked the top of the canyon to see it from above. The views were fabulous due to the great spring weather.

Thanks for reading. rk

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