Sunday Hikes: Big Trees Loop in Humboldt Redwoods State Park

While in Northern California, Josh and I wanted to find the largest Redwood tree we could. The nearby Hyperion tree is recognized as the tallest by a few feet (and is in a remote area), but the Giant Tree is known for its circumference.

We located the Big Trees Loop trailhead, but couldn’t figure out how to cross the stream to do the hike. It turns out that they put up temporary bridges seasonally and they were not in place while we were there in April. We decided not to let that deter us and we crossed by walking across a fallen redwood. It was a lot of fun, but it would have been bad news if we had fallen in as the current was pretty fast.

The loop itself was pretty short (.6 miles) but we did go partway down the connected Johnson Camp Trail as well. The highlights on the loop are the fallen Flatiron Tree and the Giant Tree.

The Giant Tree is 53.5 ft in circumference which is hard to imagine unless you are actually there. We took some pictures and then crossed the fallen bridge tree again to go on to our next hiking adventure.

Thanks for reading. rk

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