Sunday Hikes: Waterfall and Lime Kiln Trails in Big Sur

Josh and I camped at the delightful Limekiln State Park in Big Sur back in April. This was a great campground right off the Pacific Coast Highway with campsites right on the beach and others nestled in the redwood trees.

There are three trails in the back of the campground each about 3/4 of a mile in length. They share a trailhead and branch out from there. Josh and I tackled the Waterfall Trail first. We had fun hopping on rocks and branches crossing the stream multiple times.

We arrived at the fan shaped waterfall quickly. After taking a few pictures, we hopped across the creeks again to where the Lime Kiln Trail split off.

It was a quick and easy flat hike to the Lime Kilns. These were much larger than I thought and I found them fascinating. Before this area became protected, the lime kilns were used in the production of cement.

We decided to skip the Hare Creek Trail and walk through the campground to the beach. The stream flows right into the surf and it was an idyllic setting.

I really enjoyed this campground and it’s hiking trails. I highly recommend it when you visit Big Sur. Thanks for reading! rk

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