Sunday Hikes: The Stout Grove Trail & River Trail

The last hike that Josh and I did in the Redwood forests of Northern California may have been the best hike in this area. The Stout Grove Trail and River Trail are located down a six mile dirt road in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. It had some good mud puddles so half the fun was driving there.

The Stout Grove Trail is a loop trail through a magnificent grove of Redwoods. The River Trail is a spur that follows the Smith River to another trailhead. To complete both is 1.5 miles of fun.

The Stout Grove loop itself is similar to many in the area except these Redwoods were some of the biggest we had seen. One monster we we estimated at almost 52 feet in circumference. Their were some hollowed out ones you could fit an entire family within as well.

The River Trail isn’t as wide and flat and was cool as it was different than most hikes in the area. The water was a pretty blue. I took a few pictures of this trail as well.

This is such a gorgeous area that I can’t recommend enough to visit. If you would to learn more about the hikes in this area then please search “Redwoods” on the blog search page. You’ll see there are quite a few we hiked in the area.

Thanks for reading. rk

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