Sunday Hikes: Stone Mountain Walk Up Trail

One of the more iconic hikes in the Atlanta area is Stone Mountain. Fair warning, the Stone Mountain park is a private park and they do charge a parking fee.

If you are not from the area, but have ever flown through ATL then you have probably seen Stone Mountain. It’s the largest piece of exposed granite in the world and is 1686 feet in elevation at its zenith.

The trail starts at a busy parking lot and on this hot late summer day, there were a lot of folks climbing the trail. The Walk Up Trail, as it’s called, is one mile up and one mile back. I did the trail twice so I got 4 miles in.

The trail starts with an incline and you can see some places where granite had been excavated previously. The yellow daisies which only grow on the granite outcroppings in the southern United Stares were in full bloom.

The hike is a gradual incline but near the summit gets very steep and has railing so you can keep from sliding back down.

Views from the top are expansive with the Atlanta skyline directly in front of you. The summit is marred a bit by tourists who have ridden up on the skylift and are not sweaty like the hikers. There are some exhibits, a gift shop and snack bar at the summit as well.

All in all, a great Atlanta hike with local history and culture. Try this hike and stay for the laser show on the mountain face on your next visit to Atlanta.


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