City Spotlight: Munich

This is the second installment sharing some of our favorite cities to visit. You can read last week here:

I arrived in Munich at 8:30am last spring on the Nightjet train from Milan. I was blessed with a beautiful blue sky day and warm weather.

The Munich train station is located like in most European cities within easy walking distance of the city center. I checked into my hotel (room was shockingly ready at 8am!!!), took a quick shower, and headed into town.

To say I loved Munich was an understatement of the highest degree. I wandered thru churches, marveled at the architecture in Marienplatz, and enjoyed the open air markets. Oh and the food, sausages, schnitzel and beer oh my!

Please look through the pictures below and soon you will start planning your trip to Munich.

One of the many churches I wandered thru.

Marienplatz. I loved seeing glockenspiel in the tower turn and play music.

The open air market was just delightful.

Views from a church steeple. Well worth the climb.

Of course, I went to the world famous Hofbrauhaus. I’ve seen pictures of my mom and grandmother here so it was a little sentimental for me to be here where they were many years ago.

So yeah, I loved Munich and can’t wait to return. What a wonderful city. As always, thanks for reading. rk

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