Picture of the Day: Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Josh and I, along with future blogger Seth had a great time at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park recently.   We were fortunate to see three elk and a black bear.   This is a gorgeous park to visit, especially in the fall.   Since we had the jeep we tried a few of the one way dirt roads out of the park.    The roads turned out to be passable by a car, which was disappointing, but it was still fun to get away from the crowds and that is where we saw the black bear.   rk







Picture of the Day: Bison in Waterton Lakes

A baby bison and it’s mom enjoying the views! 

     Yellowstone’s wolves are one of the most popular examples of a successful species reintroduction in North America! Another popular example would be the California Condor who was once considered extinct in the wild and now has a population approaching 500! I have been lucky enough to see both the wolves of Yellowstone and a California Condor (at the Grand Canyon!). On our recent trip to Waterton Lakes in Alberta we got lucky again and saw a small bison herd that was reintroduced into the Canadian plains in 2014! Still being quite the small herd and an ongoing process of reintroduction I am excited to see how the bison thrive in their old Canadian home! 
Thanks! – Josh