Sunday Hikes: Arethusa Falls

Arethusa Falls is the second tallest waterfall in the state of New Hampshire. It is located in Crawford Notch State Park in the White Mountains. This was the first hike I did in the White Mountains and it was a great introduction to the beautiful fall colors I would be seeing the rest of my mid-late October hiking trip. The gravel parking lot is off the side of  302 (one of the main roads in the White Mountains). There is a larger parking lot just off the road but if you drive up the hill there is a smaller one closer to the trailhead. You can either do the out and back trail or make a 4.3 mile loop by taking the Frankenstein Cliffs trail. I didn’t do the Frankenstein Cliffs but I wish I had.



The trail starts off wide and rocky before narrowing to about 3 feet wide most of the time. It’s mostly flat and therefore a great hike to do with the whole family but still a decent workout. About halfway through the trail splits off on a little side trail the travels right next to the creek and has multiple small but very unique waterfalls however where it meets back up with the main trail is an almost straight up climb that would be difficult for some people to do and very easy to slip on the loose dirt that makes up the “trail” and despite the blazes on the trees I still questioned its reliability. Once you return to the main trail you cross a small bridge and you go up hill and the trees go from orange to green. The Frankenstein Cliffs trail meets the Arethusa Falls trail and then you’re at the waterfall! It’s large and a straight drop from the top! Not a lot of water was falling when I went but it was still impressive! I played around at the waterfall and took some pictures and ate my breakfast. I went back down the trail and passed many people on their way to the falls and was sure to tell them how cool it was. All of the sudden I was back in the car and on my way to the next hike! If you’re in the White Mountains Arethusa is a must do in my opinion!