Picture of the Day: Sunset on Marco Island FL

The sun looked like a giant orange beach ball as it slid beneath the horizon. The picture honestly doesn’t do it justice. The sun was just huge and it seemed to melt away as it touched the water. rk

Picture of the Day: Great Blue Heron

This bird didn’t seem to be phased at all by me walking by it on the beach on St. George Island, FL. I did some research (meaning google) and I believe it is a Great Blue Heron. If I am incorrect, please let me know. rk

Picture of the Day: Dauphin Island

I found this sandbar just off the beach of Dauphin Island, Alabama where I could stand in about a foot of water with water all around. It was kind of neat standing in what felt like the middle of the ocean. Gotta love the Gulf of Mexico. rk