Sunday Hikes: Mount Fremont Lookout Trail

We drove into Mount Rainier National Park from the north and beelined straight to the Sunrise Visitor Center. After checking out the Visitor Center and the area maps, we identified the Mount Fremont Lookout Trail as the one we wanted to hike.

Mount Fremont is a 5.7 mile round trip trail to the closest fire lookout to Mount Rainier. We started on our way with gorgeous views of Mount Rainier in front of us.

The trail wraps around the promisingly named frozen lake. Sadly it looked more like a retention pond during this September hike. I’m sure it was much more impressive in June.

From here the hike picks up elevation and eventually cuts sharply to the right where you walk on scree with the fire lookout visible in the distance.

The lookout has amazing 360 degree views in all directions. The Cascades are to the north and Mount Rainier to the south. This was definitely worth the hike.

We headed back facing Mount Rainier as we watched a helicopter travel back and forth from Sunrise to a spot in the distance. I’m assuming ferrying supplies. We were able to spot a group of mountain goats down below, but the pictures just didn’t come out well sadly.

I can’t recommend this hike enough when at the Sunrise Visitor Center area. I really enjoyed it and hope you do as well.

Thanks for reading. rk