Every Kid in a Park (featuring 4th grader Grant)

I’ve been aware of the Every Kid in a Park promotion for awhile, but I wasn’t exactly sure how it worked.  I have a 4th grader (Grant), but since I already have a National Park pass I didn’t exactly need another one.  However on our family trip in a few weeks to Yellowstone, we will have two vehicles requiring two park passes so we got one for Grant.  I thought I would share how the process works.

The Every Kid in a Park promotion is a program designed to engage children in our National Parks.   The way it is set up is that 4th graders get a free annual pass that they can share with their family.  Over time, every child will have an opportunity to participate.

To get your child’s pass you have to go online and complete a few questions and print off a voucher.  The link is:  https://www.nationalparks.org/our-work/campaigns-initiatives/every-kid-park. The questions take literally about 30 seconds to complete.  

To get the pass you must take your 4th grader and the voucher to a participating NPS location to pick it up.  The closest couple of NPS locations to where I live didn’t have the passes so make sure you call before you go to make sure they have them.  I was able to find them at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.  They made it easy to get the pass.

I asked Grant how he felt having his own Park Pass and he said “great”.   This wasn’t the inspiring quote I imagined, but true nonetheless.

I hope this was helpful and I’ll look for you in our National Parks.   rk