The Rendezvous in Memphis TN

It can be argued whether Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous in Memphis Tennessee is the best BBQ in Memphis, but it is universally acclaimed to be to be the most iconic place to eat Memphis BBQ.


Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous

What is Memphis BBQ and how is it different?   Memphis BBQ is typically pork and is known for its dry rub.   Dry rub is salty mix of spices that is rubbed into the meat before grilling.   Every restaurant in Memphis will have their own special blend of spices.  You can usually order “dry” or “wet”.   The dry is the meat and spice mixture and wet has sauce added.

Rendezvous is in the heart of Memphis, two blocks from Beale Street.   The entrance to the restaurant is down an alley.  Do not be discouraged by the alley entrance, come on in and down the steps to be seated.   The restaurant is surprisingly large and busy, even on week nights.   Don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a table.   The servers are friendly and the food comes quick so it is okay to wait till they can seat you.


Beale Street in Memphis TN

I usually order the ribs and pork shoulder combination, but the ribs & brisket are a good choice as well.   Or just get the ribs……you can’t go wrong.   Today, like always, the meat was very flavorful and delicious.   I like just a little sauce on mine.    Take a look at these pictures and tell me you aren’t wanting a plate!


Ribs at Rendezvous


Ribs and Brisket Combo at Rendezvous

While Rendezvous is one of my favorites, there are a bunch of other great BBQ places to visit during a trip to Memphis.   Also consider trying Interstate BBQ, Memphis BBQ Company, BB Kings, and Central BBQ.    I know a lot of people like Corky’s BBQ, but I just don’t see it.   I’ve been disappointed every time I have been there.

If you have any other favorites in Memphis that I haven’t mentioned, please comment and let me know.   I’m always open to trying a new BBQ place.   Thanks for reading.   rk