Adopt a Bighorn Sheep in Death Valley National Park

It is somewhat of an inside joke between Josh and I that despite visiting National Parks out west multiple times, we have never seen a bighorn sheep.   We have seen about every other possible animal there is to see, but never the elusive bighorn.   Hence the origin of the name of our blog.


During our visit to Death Valley National Park last weekend, we discovered that the Death Valley Natural History Association had an “Adopt a Bighorn” program to help fund research and monitoring of bighorn sheep.   We of course felt like we had to participate.   This way whenever we see one of those bighorn crossing signs, we can hold up our stuffed bighorn sheep and imagine what it must be like to see the real thing.

If you would like to participate and support the Death Valley Natural History Association, you can contribute at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center like we did or you can follow this link:   rk