Picture of the Day: Jackson Square

Jackson Square is my favorite part of. New Orleans. It is surrounded by beautiful architecture and backs up to the mighty Mississippi River. Not to mention the beignets! I was able to take these pictures recently as the sun set on another travel day. rk

Café Du Monde


Beignets from Café Du Monde

I don’t think I have ever been to New Orleans without stopping at Café Du Monde.   This restaurant is pretty well known, some might even say “world famous”.    The concept here is simple:   gorgeous location, irresistible hot beignets, and cool atmosphere.

Café Du Monde is located in Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter.   Jackson Square is the cultural heart of the French Quarter and a great place to hang out and soak in that cool atmosphere.   There are usually artists painting in the square (and selling their art as well).   Towering over one end of the square is the St. Louis Cathedral which is a historic and beautiful basilica.  On the other end of the square is Washington Artillery Park with sweeping views of the Mississippi River.


The St. Louis Cathedral seen from across Jackson Square

In one small corner of the square is Café Du Monde.   You will notice when you visit that it isn’t fancy and takes only cash.   They serve the iconic New Orleans beignets and chicory coffee.   The beignets are fried dough covered with large heaps of powdered sugar.   They are also served hot and you can down more than you would think in very short order.  The chicory coffee is bitter and best with large amounts of cream and sugar.   Nothing makes you feel like part of the French Quarter than devouring these hot delightful morsels and watching the activity all around you.   Make sure to stop here during your next visit to New Orleans.



Café Du Monde