Picture of the Day: Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is awesome! It is an American icon of ingenuity in the west and the history behind it is enthralling! The scale of it is enormous and the canyon it sits in is beautiful making me wish I could go back in time to explore it pre-Dam. I love taking pictures here and was happy to visit recently and get some pics. Here are a few I took while the water was a vibrant blue-green popping in contrast to the canyon’s tan and brown walls.

Thanks! – Josh

Picture of the Day: Hoover Dam


Hoover Dam is really an amazing technological wonder.   It was built during the 1930’s to dam the Colorado River to provide water for the southwestern United States.   If you visit, I recommend taking time for the “dam tour”.   It is pretty neat inside.   One of the things I found most interesting was that they built a pipe factory onsite just to build the giant pipes for the water to flow through since they would be to large to ship there.   I hope you enjoy the pictures.   rk