Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue in Kansas City MO


Jack Stack Barbecue in Kansas City MO is legendary for their barbecue.   Since it is Kansas City, beef is the star here.   I took my family recently to show them the best “burnt ends” in Kansas City.

If you don’t know what burnt ends are, that is okay.   No one in my family did either.   Burnt ends are bite size chunks of beef brisket charred to perfection.   I ordered two plates and before I could snap a picture they were all devoured.   If you want to learn more about Kansas City burnt ends, check out this link:

Jack Stack Barbecue has five locations in Kansas City.  We went to the location at the “Freight House”.    This is a historic railroad building that has been converted into 3 fine restaurants.   We chose this location as we could walk a short distance to Thou Mayest, a local coffee shop/bar.   Jack Stack is definitely upscale barbecue.  The ambiance is almost fine dining and the lighting is dark.   Prices are reasonable and quantities are huge.   They also offer a full bar.


If you are big meat eater, then I suggest you try their Crown Prime Beef Ribs.   This is a interesting cut of meat.   It was explained to me that the Prime Rib is on one side of the sternum of the cow and the Crown Rib is on the other side.   It is served fully cooked and tender, almost like pot roast on a bone.   One rib would probably be enough to satisfy most people.   Josh stepped up and ordered 2, but was accidentally brought 3.   He put a big dent in the Crown Ribs, but ended up having to get a box.


Crown Prime Beef Ribs with Baked Beans and Cheesy Corn Bake

Other family members ordered pork ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, turkey, barbecue shrimp, and combinations of all of the above.   One side item that was popular was the Cheesy Corn Bake.   It was kind of like macaroni and cheese, but sub corn for the macaroni.   I hope you enjoy the pictures and get to visit Jack Stack during your next visit to Kansas City.    rk


Barbecue Shrimp


Baby Back Ribs, Baked Beans and Fries


Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Baked Beans, and Cheese Corn Bake