Sunday Hikes: The Mesa Arch Trail


The Mesa Arch Trail in Canyonlands National Park is a nice easy loop trail that starts off the main road in the Island in the Sky portion of the park.   Island in the Sky is a mesa with thousand foot cliffs on all sides.   The views of the canyons that surround it are reminiscent of the Grand Canyon and possibly even more magnificent.

The trail itself is just .6 miles in length and well marked.    I was able to hike this trail with several of my children right after sunrise.  Supposedly there are bighorn sheep all over this park so we had our eyes out looking for them.   Unfortunately, the hard to see bighorn still evaded us.   At the far part of the loop we got to Mesa Arch just as the sun was rising behind it.    We were able to get a picture of all us under the arch thanks to some other hikers.   Mesa Arch is right on the cliff with a significant fall right behind it.   Peeking through the arch down at the canyons below made our morning.   We were able to quickly get back to the car and head on to the next overlook in this underrated park.


If you are in Southern Utah, don’t neglect visiting Canyonlands NP in favor of other more famous parks like Arches or Zion.   Canyonlands is an amazing experience and I recommend this quick trail as well as the entire park.