Camping: Elliot Key

Camping in Biscayne National Park is a unique experience because the only way to reach the campgrounds is by sea. So to reach the campground on Elliot Key you need to own a boat, pay for the ferry from the mainland, or have incredible swimming skills. I chose the ferry option and took a 20ish minute boat ride to Elliot Key (also when they say ferry don’t expect anything fancy. It’s a small motorboat with a shark painted on the side). The camping area is small with picnic tables. There is a small visitors center that was closed when I visited and looked like it hadn’t been used in a while. There is also a bathroom with running water! Most of the island is forest with a trail system running throughout. At the moment the trails are mostly inaccessible because of recent hurricanes. On a weekday night you will likely have the whole place to yourself! However there isn’t much to do on Elliot Key unless you have a boat. The Biscayne National Park Institute charges a small fee to bring your kayak along and when I get the chance to go back I will for sure do that! I would love to kayak around the island and snorkel at the reefs (something that costs a lot of money to be ferried to). Most of Biscayne is underwater but even if you don’t have access to snorkel gear and a boat it can still be a relaxing camping trip on an island to yourself (unless it’s a weekend). Just be sure to bring bug spray!

To camp at Elliot Key it is $25 to dock your boat and a tent site.

If you don’t have a boat like me then you will have to pay the ferry fee of $59 per person (kinda pricey) plus a $15 dollar camping fee.

All docking/camping fees are waived from May 1st to September 30th.

Thanks! – Josh

Havana 1957 in Miami FL

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My favorite place to eat on South Beach is Havana 1957.  The location is gorgeous and the atmosphere is very inviting.   Imagine an open café with all the South Beach ambiance around you.    The food is authentic Cuban and delicious.   Last time I was there I was trying to eat healthy and ordered Pechuga de Pollo a la Plancha.   That is grilled chicken breast served with white rice and black beans.   It sounds simple, but the chicken is marinated in something sweet and tangy and paired very well with the rice and beans.   Havana 1957 has a full bar but since it was lunch and I was “working” I chased my delicious meal with a Cuban coffee.  It started strong and finished sweet.   This is great place, definitely visit the next time you are in Miami.


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