Picture of the Day: Minneapolis

I visited my daughter in Minneapolis recently. I was there for the last mild day of the year and then it promptly dropped down to 8*F the last day I was there.

I really liked the downtown area and was able to walk and explore a good bit. I took a picture of a bridge over the Mississippi River with a cool reflection that I really liked. Not bad for an iPhone 8!

Picture of the Day: Navy Circle

Navy Circle is a part of the Vicksburg National Military Park. It is conveniently located right next to the Mississippi rest area.

During the Civil War, the Confederates located cannons here to fire on Union gunboats in the Mississippi River. Nowadays it’s a great view of the Mighty Mississippi.

I especially liked the view between the two bridges over the Mississippi River. rk

Picture of the Day: Jackson Square

Jackson Square is my favorite part of. New Orleans. It is surrounded by beautiful architecture and backs up to the mighty Mississippi River. Not to mention the beignets! I was able to take these pictures recently as the sun set on another travel day. rk

An Afternoon in Natchez MS


I was in Natchez this week for work visiting a customer.   I hadn’t been to the downtown area by the Mississippi River so I thought I would check it out before leaving town.   Needless to say, downtown Natchez is beautiful and fun.   There are several restaurants and bars by the water along with a trail system.   Most of the trails are really just routes through the streets downtown which I checked out.   Along with the plentiful bars are shops and antique stores.   Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to check out all of these but will try to plan for more time here in the future.   I’d also like to check out the Nature Trail along the river.   I took some pictures and hope you enjoy.   rk