Picture of the Day: Truck in the Woods

These pictures were taken at a small picnic area off the road in Northern California at the south end of Redwood National and State Parks. Though my first redwood trees were the dying ones in Malibu Creek State Park about 600 miles south of here, these were my first big boy Redwoods! Returning home to Georgia after this felt like I lived in a land of twigs that people called trees. The Redwood forests are something that has to be experienced in person and everyone with a chance to visit should take that chance!

Thanks! – Josh

Picture of the Day: Driving through Redwoods!

Josh’s intrepid Nissan XE pickup has performed well driving from Atlanta to Los Angeles and now up to Oregon. To reward the truck we let it drive thru a few redwoods in Northern California.

There are three drive thru trees in Northern California, all on private property. We did the Chandelier Tree first just south of the Avenue of the Giants. It was a 21 foot diameter tree. We also drove thru the Tour Thru Tree in Klamath in the Redwoods National and State Parks area. This was a 17 foot diameter tree.

The drive thru trees both cost a mere $5 each which was a bargain considering the fun we had doing it. We did miss the third drive thru tree called the Shrine Tree. It is in the Avenue of the Giants area.