Watching water going backwards in Saint John


Earlier this week, I spent the afternoon in Saint John in New Brunswick, Canada.   It was a beautiful sunny day, almost too warm.   There was a large cruise ship berthed which I found surprising.   I didn’t know the cruise ships come this far north.   As you come over the bridge into town you can see several church steeples pointing up into the blue skies.   It kinda reminded me of Charleston SC in that way.

I really enjoyed walking the streets and exploring the market area.   This is a kind of town you could walk all the main areas in an afternoon.   At the local coffee shop, Second Cup, I asked for lunch recommendations.   Pretty much everything recommended was a pub and there was a bunch of them.   Best I can gather, that is the local food experience.   We decided on Cask and Kettle which was very good.  Since I was in Canada, I did get the daily special poutine to go with my fish and chips.


The coolest part of Saint John is that the Saint John River has an interesting phenomenon called the reversing falls.   The Bay of Fundy has a huge 28 foot swing between high and low tide.   As a result, during high tide the ocean flows upstream the river reversing the course of the river.   At low tide, the normal river course flows into the ocean.   While watching the reversing falls, a seal popped up and made eye contact with me and my son, Josh.   Unfortunately, like a rookie tourist, I jumped up and down yelling “Seal” and scared it off before I could get a picture.