The Lewis River in Yellowstone National Park

Editors note: Grant wanted to share the following from his June trip to Wyoming. Hopefully we will see more of his travel insights soon.

The Lewis river is located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. We were driving to our campsite when we stopped to look at the river. I am still in awe that there’s still snow on the ground in June. Gk

Picture of the Day: Snowy Sandias

Sandia Peak rises 5,000 feet above Albuquerque, New Mexico and well into spring can have snow atop the peak. The views are incredible and despite being a popular weekend spot you can often find the peak void of people on weekday mornings.

Thanks! – Josh

Lake Winnipesaukee, NH


I stayed in Meredith NH a winter or two ago at Church Landing right on Lake Winnipesaukee.   The hotel is rustic and the rooms are really romantic.  Unfortunately I was there for a work conference.  They got about 20 inches of snow before and during my stay.  The frozen lake was beautiful.   Enjoy the pictures.