Sunday Hikes: Bears Hump 

The Bears Hump trail is probably the most popular trail in Waterton Lakes National Park. The trailhead is right by the visitor center (or centre) and the hike is pretty short at only 1.7 miles round trip (2.8km). The trail takes you up about 650 feet in elevation to a large rock bald that overlooks the town, lakes, and up at the mountains! The views are great for such a short hike and it’s really cool to see the town from above! 

Looking into the mountains made me want to explore them more and wish that we had more time there. When we reached the top there was a teenager named Josh getting close to the cliff’s edge and his family was yelling at him to stop. “Josh Josh cut that out” it confused me at first because I wasn’t doing anything wrong and how did these people know my name. That’s the downside of having such a cool name, everyone else wants to be cool too and so they get the same cool name. Anyways this hike is dope and the more I think back to our half day in Waterton Lakes I want to return more and more! 

Thanks! – Josh

Picture of the Day: Bison in Waterton Lakes

A baby bison and it’s mom enjoying the views! 

     Yellowstone’s wolves are one of the most popular examples of a successful species reintroduction in North America! Another popular example would be the California Condor who was once considered extinct in the wild and now has a population approaching 500! I have been lucky enough to see both the wolves of Yellowstone and a California Condor (at the Grand Canyon!). On our recent trip to Waterton Lakes in Alberta we got lucky again and saw a small bison herd that was reintroduced into the Canadian plains in 2014! Still being quite the small herd and an ongoing process of reintroduction I am excited to see how the bison thrive in their old Canadian home! 
Thanks! – Josh

Waterton Lakes needs to be added to your bucket list – ASAP

As regular readers know, I eagerly signed up for the free Canada National Parks Pass for 2017 earlier this year.   This was a great promotion done by Canada in honor of their 150th Anniversary.   Recently I flew into Calgary with fellow blogger, Josh, and toured the famous Banff National Park along with Kootenay National Park and then dipped down into Montana to hike in Glacier National Park.   On the return trip, almost on a whim, we decided to check out Waterton Lakes National Park which is adjacent to Glacier NP but on the Canadian side of the border.

Wow!   I was blown away.   As beautiful as the other Parks were, I really enjoyed Waterton Lakes.   It had similar scenery to Glacier NP (which is absolutely gorgeous of course), but was built around the small gateway town of Waterton.   Waterton kind of reminded me of Bar Harbor in a way, right on the water and surrounded by breathtaking views in every direction.

Since we had limited time, we hiked Bears Hump and checked out the Red Rock Canyon.   We were lucky enough to see a grizzly bear up close from the safety of our car and toured the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel.   The friendly staff at the Prince of Wales was able to make a great restaurant recommendation for us in town with great views of the lake (Zum’s Eatery).


Josh and I on top of Bears Hump.  I look taller, but really Josh has me by an inch or so.


The very popular Red Rock Canyon


The iconic Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes NP


Grizzly bear munching away in Waterton Lakes NP

One experience that we didn’t get to do, that will be at the top of my list for my next visit is to take the ferry to Goat’s Haunt.   You will cruise the length of the Upper Waterton Lake into Montana (bring your passport) and be dropped off at Goat’s Haunt.   This was somewhere we wanted to hike to in Glacier NP but it would be a multi day backcountry hike to get to and back.   I had not even considered that there could be an option from Canada to take you there quickly and efficiently.

I can’t wait until my next visit to Waterton Lakes.   I hope to see you there.  rk